Cemex BIM Tools Suite

Cemex's suite of free BIM tools have been developed for architects, engineers, contractors or construction professionals working on the development of residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure projects.

The tools and calculators are available both online and through our BIM plugin for Autodesk Revit. Start enhancing your projects by designing with a wide variety of concretes and creating BIM objects for specific to your projects.


Easily navigate within CEMEX Materials Library for different countries and the exact technical information about any CEMEX concrete and construction related products. You can add relevant data for properly specifying concrete in fresh and hardened state such as compressive strength, young modulus, slump, max aggregate size, embodied CO2 , recyclable material, etc.


CEMEX Portfolio combines our palette of technologies with different materials to offer novel and unique constructive solutions to tackle technical problems such as highly steel reinforced structures, thermal and acoustic insulation for buildings, low-carbon structures, and efficiency in construction, among others.